Copy typewritten letter from P. Martin to Frederick Lanchester

Scope and Content

“It is evident to me that we are drifting further and further apart”. Refers to letter of March 29 (LAN/1/5/24) in which Martin makes it clear that Lanchester’s agreement with B.S.A. will terminate on 31 October 31 1929. Sees no prospects in Lanchester’s Laboratories and will advise that no expenditure be permitted and no building undertaken. To avoid complete deadlock, Lanchester should buy out the Daimler interest for £8,000, with arrangement regarding patents as in LAN/1/5/24, or, should pay £10,000 for Daimler interest without granting any free licence to Daimler for patents. An alternative suggestion is that Frank Lanchester take over all the patents and Daimler all the cash. Finally, if Frederick Lanchester fails to agree to any of the above proposals Martin will advise Board to veto any active work for Lanchester’s Laboratories, while at the same time retaining rights to an option on further inventions.