Typed notes “F.W. Lanchester and the Daimler Co. Ltd”

Scope and Content

A detailed statement of Frederick Lanchester's relations with the Daimler/B.S.A. Company including the following points: Daimler still obtain benefit from their use of the name Lanchester (since the Lanchester Co. is a Daimler subsidiary), but Lanchester himself obtains no benefit; Daimler are still using methods in worm-gear machinery which were devised by Lanchester for which he receives no payment; When forced to leave the Daimler Company Lanchester claims he was not well treated - new service agreement offered to him was withdrawn without explanation; Daimler Co. failed to use his services to the best advantage - examples are given; Lanchester’s Laboratories Ltd. was starved of money by Daimler and so became moribund, although it was set up to undertake developmental and research work for Daimler; financial relations with Daimler; further history of Lanchester’s Laboratories Ltd. after separation from Daimler.