Copy typed note on Contents of Cupboard in Lavatory

Scope and Content

1. copy of letter headed by typescript copyright notice addressed to Neville Chamberlain with comments, May 10th 1940; 2. correspondence - Prandtl, Union of Scientific Workers, press touting; 3. Letter to N. Chamberlain referred to in item (1); 4. letter to W. Churchill, copies of, 26/9/40, Daker affair; 5. copies of letter to Signor Giacomelli, Sep. 30th 1939, and reply (about 2 doz.); 6. CC Walker, extract from communication to discussion at the R. Ae. S. Feb. 1937, and notes; 7. notes on Gibraltar; 8. Lord Weir and Titecomb letters, May and Oct. 1918; 9. Letter from Air Ministry respecting Commander Porte, and acknowledgement; 10. letters on ICE Committee, scheme for high altitude flying 5/18 (also Isle of Grain visit); 11. FWL, FL and GHL letters re transfer of shares; 12. typescript of proceedings at Inst. of Mech. Meeting on Jan. 26th, James Watt medal presented; 13. Suggestion to Mr Maisky 10/9/42; 14. Two sheets from 'Autocar' re the Lanchesters; 15. original Willys agreement 1924; 16. Wolseley agreement, Feb. 1924; 17. original agreement on formation of LLL; 18. agreement between FWL and Daimler, also Willys Knight, 1910 & 11; 19. sundry agreements with Daimler and BSA including original 1909; 20. Lanchester Engine Co. balance sheets, several third year duplicates; 21. Lanchester Motor Co. balance sheets to 1930, 22. L. M. Co. shareholders dividends paid etc.; 23. photos of letters from R.N. officers re 'Aircraft in Warfare'; 24. Sir S. Cripps and FWL letters; 25. letter to and reply, Giacomelli; 26. sundry old letters, Lord Rayleigh and others; 27. typescript letters from N.O.s [naval officers] re 'Aircraft in Warfare'; 28 'Aircraft in Warfare', Trenchard's reply; 29. letters C. Runge and FWL, 1908-1911 and 1924-26; 30. Lloyds, enquiry to Yates re Sterling; 31. Cleveland re award; 32. Coronation poem, Engineering; 33. Air Ministry acknowledgement; 34. memo. to American Consul re Mosquitos; 35. Churchill correspondence; 36. chief items for autobiography; 37. notebook re rugs etc.; 38 Von Arnim letter, quoted in 'Aircraft in Warfare'; 39. list of slides of aircraft 1917; 40. memo. re screw efficiency; 41. re accident to Maj. Merrick, Oct. 1913; 42. wheelbarrow; 43. FWL perpetual kalendar; 44. Ministry of Works re iron gates etc.; 45. Whitehead v Taylor case; 46. Chamberlain cartoon; 47. FWL photo mounted; 48. history in brief of FWL's work; 49. notes re hero worship; 50. on the vortex theory; 51. Gordon England corres.; 52. Letter from Taylor and Francis, Dec. 1937; 53. bomb cases, 8/1/37 and 8/12/37; 54. list patent specif. 1936-7 and sundry Patent Office papers; 55. differentiation of fugoid equation; 56. RJ Mitchell, designer of Spitfire; 57. Weir on aircraft design, from FWL; 58. date of radio lecture to Port Sunlight Club, 12th Dec. 1933, great fire also; 59. theory of dimensions, notice re destruction by fire; 60. theory of dimensions, Crosby Lockwood in liq.; 61. Notes to Cant re I. Tax 1941-2; 62. re Aerial Flight; 63. S. Drzewiecki; 64. insurance duplicates 1941; 65. duplicate of original list of Persian rugs; 66. FWL photos; 67. C. cartoon; 68. radio activity notes; 69. letter from Lord Rayleigh, pencil reinforced; 70. receipt from War Office, P. Card; 71. films of letters from N.O.s, Lord Rayleigh & Campbell; 72. notification from Ministry of Labour 1940; 73. letter and acknowledgement, Giacomelli, Sep 30th. 1939; 74. letter to Churchill re Dakar 26/9/40; 75. correspondence re Gibraltar with P. Hannon etc.; 76. claim for financial recognition from Air Ministry, 1936; 77. copy of letter from JJ Thompson re Grindell Mathews; 78. 2 letters to Sir A. Sinclair Sep. 1940 and Oct. '40; 80. leaflet 'World Crisis'; 81. letters re Titcomb's interview at Air Ministry 1939; 82. letter to Kingsley Wood re paratroops; 83. CC Walker, typescript copy of his comments Ae. Journal, p. 122 (1937, Feb.), also justification for same; 84. letter to N. Chamberlain re Poland 1939; 85. letter from Grand Fleet re 'Aircraft in Warfare', Quarto; 86. original letter from Sir P. Game on behalf of Trenchard together with copies of same; 87. letter re arming ship's boat with duck gun; 88. letter to F. Somerville, Admiralty, not sent; 89. corres. Kingsley Wood (Carey); 90. corre. with N. Chamberlain on Altmark etc.; 91. copy of letter to Lord Halifax, re Erith, 1939; 92. letter to Churchill 23/6/40; 93. corres. with L. Burgin; 94. copy of letter to private Sec. of Churchill; 95. Various acks. from secs. of Cabinet Ministers, May 1940; 96. 'Defence of London' 1917 [annotated that original of item 86 was transferred to safe in packet with originals from Grand Fleet; items 70 - 85 and 87 to 96 had crosses against them, with line running through whole page with note 'all scrapped']; 97. bundle of agreements etc. relating to formation and liquidation of Lanchester Engine Co. Ltd including - agreement (Oct. 14 1897) Mr T. Barker to FWL / agreement dated Jan. 13th 1896, FWL to Whitfield & Barker Craig's report / agreement June 11th 1900, FWL and Lanchester Engine Co. Ltd (duplicate assignment) / report to sub-committee, L.E. Co. / agreement 19th Dec. 1899, L.E. Co. and FLW, agreement for employment and services as manager / agreement dated Jan. 13th 1896 for sale of share in invention / letter dated Jan. 6th 1896, FWL to T.B. Barker, announcing agreement ready for execution / copy of report to Messrs Whitfield re Motor syndicate / report 1899 to members of syndicate / legal document relating to liquidaiton of Co., L.E. Co. in liquidation, scheme of arrangement [annotated as 'booked out Sep. '45']; 98. list of contributors to Aerodynamics and Aeronautics by FWL (typed 2/12/37); 99. 'L & D', complete (?); 100. Lanchester and Daimler, mainly LLL matters; 101. unsorted sheets 'L & D' pp 1-13; 102. list of Lanchester customers, circa 1904; 103. letter from FWL to Lord Rayleigh Feb. 1916, re RAF compass; 104. corres. re wild fowl gun 1915; 105. extract from CC Walker's contribution to Ae. discussion; 106. copies of letters from Jellico and other N.O.s; 107. brief history of L. M. Co. from start to 1914 with letter to WH Chattaway; 108. 2 copies of Lanchester history, a fuller account; 109. Hf Hemming's personal history; 101. Jasper Cooper's history; 111. letter from Bird to J. Cooper, with list of 6 successive Works Manager from 1904 to 1931, prior to 1904 M.L.; 112. draft of article for 'Flight'. Exh. Efflux.; 113. Talk by GHL on 'chapter in Auto. History'; 114. 'Semper Idem'; 115. memo on weights and weighing; 116. broadcast by GHL 'motiring then and now', Nov. 8th 1935; 117. letter to Frank with screed of particulars of work of FWL; 118. 2 bundles of copies of letters from Jellico, Beatty etc.; 119. rough notes re early L. M. Co. history [with annotated note 'given out Sept. '45]; 120. hand written letters from FWL to TB Barker, 1895; 121. Ext.s from 'Autocar' re the Lanchersters, Aug. 1937 (2 copies).