Whiteways buses mainly at Caernarfon and Waunfawr also a few of their other local routes.

Scope and Content

CP384/15/1/12 [1963 Leyland Leopard, ex-Derby Bus Co. with Marshall Willowbrook body. Seen here in Waenfawr in Bws Gwynedd livery but belonging to Whiteways]. See also CP384/15/1/86 - the same bus in different livery.

CP384/15/1/14 [Vehicles date from 1920s, on a postcard - date uncertain]. Shows two vehicles, both carry a Caernarfonshire registration number - i.i., 'cc'. One an open topped single decker charabanc, chassis manufactured by Thornycroft. The other vehicle is a closed top, single deck vehicle [probably manufactured by Albion but with the early radiator before Albion changed this to their more normal and recognisable style] This vehicles carries the name Carnarfon & Waenfawr, and there is a seperate destination box showing Carnarfon as a destination.. [The vehicles may belong to Whiteways]. The charabanc has a full load of passengers, and the other vehicles also appears to be loaded. There is a statue visible above the charabanc which is probably of Lloyd George, and the location is probabkly Caernarfon. [These are unlikely to be service buses and they are bprobably transporting some sort of visit or tour].

CP384/15/1/41 This vehicle is a Leyland TD, [Probably a TD5, pre war vehicle. It carries a Weymann Body, and although the date of the photo is uncertain, it is probably post war, and nevertheless the vehicle looks in good order. It probably has received a new body as many vehicles did, to extend their lives due to wartime restructions on building new vehicles].

CP384/15/1/45 This is a Leyland PD1, [probably dating from the late 1940s. This vehicle almost certainly has both a Leyland Chassis, and a Leyland all metal body. It is second hand (at least) for Whiteways] and was originally owned by Warrington Corporation Bus Co. The photo is dated as 1976 so the bus was over 25 years old when this photo was taken. The Leyland chassis was a very durable one and many of these vehicles had long lives.

CP384/15/1/86 [1963 Leyland Leopard, ex-Derby Bus Co. with Marshall Willowbrook body. Seen here in Whiteways all-white livery. Location outside Whiteways Depot. (See also CP384/15/1/12).