Copy Lease and Release (Deed to Lead Uses of a Recovery)

Scope and Content

(i) Grace Trevor Charlotte Fleming.

(ii) Henry Griffith Rowlands and Catherine Emily his wife.

(iii) Thomas Griffith and Elizabeth Mary his wife.

(iv) John Philpot of Southampton Street, Bloomsbury, gent.

(v) Richard Barker of Chester, gent.

Release of (iv) of three undivided fourth parts of Manor or Lordship of Marford / Marford and Hoseley with Trevalyn Capital Messuage, messuages and lands in Marford and Hoseley, Burton, Allington, Gresford, Holt, Ruabon including the Jockey Public House in Gresford, Trevor Arms in Marford; Bryn Messuage (253 acres 2 roods) in Isacoed, Holt Parish, Ridley Farm (162 acres 30 perches) in Isacoed, chief foe farm quit rents (£4.10s.6d.) for messuages and lands in Manor of Marford and Hoseley and Gresford Parish, tithes of Chapelry of Allington, Boardland Tithes on 200 acres in Gresford, mines within the Lordship of Mold.

(iv) to become Tenant of the Freehold.

Recovery to be made by (v) to use of (i), (ii), and (iii) (Property listed in detail in deed).


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