Scope and Content

East Oxford British School opened in 1882 in Union Street, Cowley. In 1898 it was taken over by the School Board and later became a Council school. The school was rebuilt in 1899-1900 in three departments for girls, boys and infants. In 1948 the girls and boys schools were merged to form the East Oxford Secondary Modern School. This school continued until 1973 and the introduction of middle schools. The Union Street site became the East Oxford Primary School whilst a new school; East Oxford Middle School was created for the older children..

East Oxford Middle School opened at a new site in Meadow Lane in 1973. The school was later renamed the Isis Church of England Controlled Middle School. This school closed in 2003 and the site is now occupied by St Mary and St John Primary School (please see S76/11 for records of this school).

The plans for the East Oxford Councils Schools Special Subjects Centre have also been catalogued with this collection though it is not known if the building was ever constructed or where it was located.

These records were deposited as part of Acc 3129 in,September 1990 as part of Acc 3771 in February 1994, as part of Acc 4119 in August 1996 and as part of Acc 5651 in May 2007. Material was also transferred from the Oxfordshire Education Department to the Oxfordshire History Centre. Recatalogued with additions by Alison Smith in December 2016.