Typescript letter signed to Beaton, from London

Scope and Content

Beaton's letter arrived just as the mail was leaving. Can therefore only acknowledge its receipt together with the first installment of Beaton's private diary. This will be kept until Beaton's return when it can be given to him after examination by the censorship. Will discuss Beaton's letter with those concerned and soon have a list of special items that they wish Beaton to cover. At this stage they want good pictures showing the war effort in India and social services of all kinds. At a later date they hope to arrange for accreditation for Beaton with the South East Asia Command. Urges Beaton to send all his films unprocessed to London and only have developed in India and China those that may be of urgent news interest or are required by Beaton to check up on the progress of his work. Asks Beaton to let them know how he is getting on with the materials supplied. Discusses materials further. Beaton will be glad to know that the pictures of the Royal Family have met with their approval.

Additional Information