Autograph letter signed to Beaton.

Scope and Content

All of the watches were wrong and they missed the train by five minutes. Was furious and upset. Tried to track Beaton down but he had checked out of the hotel. Thanks Beaton for the flowers, contract and bottles he received. Spoke to George Balanchine about Paul and Virginie, which he was very enthusiastic about. Thinks it could be done next spring at the Metropolitan. Asks Beaton to get in touch with Laver and give him his address so that he can write and arrange a contract. Asks if Laver could write to Kolbsheim and ask him to translate certain parts of the play. Gives advice on how to go about this. Complains that it is impossible to get a good translation here without paying large amounts of money. Asks Beaton to tell the Colonel that he is outraged about not getting any news. Apologises for the business letter. Asks Beaton how the last days with Jean were. Is dying to come to Ashcombe. Will be there in the first weeks of August if "those silly French people" send his passport in time.

Additional Information