Edward Frank Willis James. Typescript letter signed to Beaton, from Rome.

Scope and Content

Has stayed in Rome for Easter. Describes the procession of Pope Pius XI through the Piazza San Pietro on Easter Sunday. When the Pope came onto the balcony to bless the nations, there was a hush and a thunderstorm started. As he began the blessing, a crash of thunder sounded and it started to pour with rain. Encloses a poem and would like Beaton's opinion on whether he thinks it might appeal to "Vanity Fair". Wonders who the owner and editors are. Hopes Beaton will recommend his poem. Saw Rex yesterday at a lecture given by Aldous Huxley. Admires the three Greek temples of Paestum. Talked for six minutes to Pirandello in Italian and was very impressed with himself. However, Duff Cooper talked for eight minutes with Mussolini and was very pleased that he never mentioned Tom Mosley. Will be back in England soon and hopes to see Beaton. Is very hurt that Gerald has not written to him.

Additional Information