Jim Bridges. Autograph and typescript letter signed to Beaton.

Scope and Content

Is on his way back to L.A. from Texas after spending Christmas with his family. Discusses his Christmas and ponders why it was good. Describes his journey to Texas. Describes his grandfather. His immediate family of 22 people all spend every Christmas together in the same house. Discusses what his family do at Christmas. Went with his cousins to their farm and found a dead cow. There were buzzards sitting on the fence 'as pleased as punch'. Last night a Shetland pony came and nuzzled him. Apologises for not having finished his letter before. As soon as he got off the plane he was whisked to a party at Kathy Nolan's. Then he and Jack and Nellie went for dinner at Petit Triannon. The pony he referred to earlier is dying. On the way to the plane he stopped at a funeral home and stared at an 'ancient aunt' who had died after Christmas. Hopes to see Beaton soon and Jack sends his best wishes.

Additional Information