Autograph letter signed to Beaton, from Cape Cod

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Has begun many letters to Beaton and been interrupted. Has been in Cape Cod for the last two weeks, but will return to New York on 4th September. Has been 'mad' to know what happened at Brighton. There was a description of the opening of 'G.G's' [Gainsborough Girls] in the "New Yorker" this week, but it was 'brief and indefinite'. The "Photobiography" has had very good reviews. Thought that the paragraph about himself was 'very loving and tender'. Had a ghastly voyage home. There were two storms and the captain of the boat commited suicide. Expresses surprise at George Davis's marriage. His book is coming out on 1st October. Will send it to Beaton. If Beaton goes to Venice for Bestiqui's 'big blowout', he must write Capote a full report.

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