Autograph letter signed to Beaton.

Scope and Content

Was staying at Mulberry House when Beaton's letter arrived. When one is happy it helps to know that one's friends care, and that the dead person was appreciated. Stephen is quite wonderful. His whole life has been broken up with her going. He is lonely having to arrange everything for himself, but is being marvellously brave. He is happy that she died with no sorrow or suffering. Christopher is taking Mulberry House. Describes their hunt for a flat for Stephen. Olga Lynn is getting rid of her "dream of a house". It would be the perfect house for Stephen. He is soon going away for 10 days. Asks Beaton if he can help her with a bit of business. She has bought a Victorian brooch and would like to sell it in America for as much as she can. May she send it to Beaton?

Additional Information