Roger Eliot Fry. Autograph letter signed to Beaton, from London.

Scope and Content

Thanks Beaton for his prompt cheque. Thanks Beaton for the 'superb' description in "Near East" and the pleasure he has derived from reading it. Was enchanted by the pictures. Must write Beaton a fan letter, as he wanted to review Beaton's book but found that someone else had done it for the "Statesman". Dining at Whites last night, he got confirmation of everything that Beaton said on the flap at Cairo. Praises Beaton book. Was told an amusing anecdote by Raymond about a girl who wore a hideous dress to his party. Believes Beaton was at the party and so probably invented the story. Praises Beaton's photographs. Has noted some misprints that may be useful to Beaton for a second edition.

Additional Information