Typescript letter signed to Beaton

Scope and Content

Sent Beaton the barley-sugar stick candle on the day before his (Herring's) birthday in the hope that Beaton would phone him on the actual day and he wouldn't feel so alone. 'He' didn't forget and gave Herring a present, but did not suggest a party. They had a row and it emerged that the reason 'he' did not suggest a party is that Herring has more money, so any parties they have are paid for by him. Feels it is odd that so similar a thing should be happening to Beaton. Has not had a book published since 1930, when his affair started seriously, but thinks it is worth it. Believes that everyone has a seed of niceness in them somewhere. Thinks that Peter's coldness comes from uncertainty and fear of life. Beaton needs to show him that he should not fear to be committed. Gives Beaton further advice on relationships. Has twice tried suicide since this time last year. Has had to face 'him' being ill in hospital for five weeks and then had to help 'him' and his fiance find a flat to live in. Begs Beaton not to risk his profession.

Additional Information