Autograph letter signed to Beaton, from London

Scope and Content

Was saddened that the weekend ended badly for Beaton in the Juliet Charnel house. Feels that women should know when to stop and 'should end splendid social careers knitting and with grand children'. Discusses the shocking atmosphere and various acquaintances involved. Evelyn came for dinner last night and they went to Folkstone and had an afternoon on the dodgems. He was furious that she would not put Caspar to bed with 'a teaspoonful of paraldehyde, send Fionn to the cinema and have dinner with him'. He goes home tomorrow, which is restful for her because he is like 'another difficult child'. The weekend was full of treats. Enjoyed seeing the Edens under happy circumstances. Discusses Clarissa. Thanks Beaton for so many treats.

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