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Documents relating to the proposed publication of photographs by Beaton to illustrate an article on "Women" in the French magazine, 'Réalités'. 1/ Typescript letter to the Editor of 'Realities' from Beaton, in which Beaton writes that he cannot allow his photographs to be used alongside an article by an unspecified author. The photographs, which are the property of Johnson and Johnson, were sent to the Editor in the belief that they would only be used in conjunction with an article on Beaton's work and for strictly no other purpose. Were the magazine to use the pictures in another capacity, Johnson and Johnson would be within their rights to sue for the infringement of their copyright [dated 26th July, 1961]; 2/ Typescript letter to General Robert Johnson from Beaton, in which Beaton thanks Johnson for allowing 'Réalités' to use his photographs for a feature on the idealisation of femininity. He also expresses regret that Johnson's visit to London should coincide with Beaton's holiday in Greece, though he looks forward to seeing Johnson in New York in November [dated 27th July 1961]; 3/ Invoice for the reproduction of written material for a special feature on Beaton, for the sum of 500 francs [dated 27th July 1961]; 4/ Typescript article, in which Beaton explains the aim of his photographs, which is to show the feminine ideal in some of its various aspects. The women appear in different fantasy roles, dressed as artisit or ballet dancer or wearing highly fashionable clothes. Beaton writes that in all of the photographs, the models are "raised a little higher than the bounds of reality, but without our aspirations and dreams, wouldn't all our lives seem a little less roseate?"

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