Jim Benton. Typescript letter signed to Beaton, from Mexico.

Scope and Content

Thanks Beaton for his book, "Cecil Beaton's Fair Lady". His only complaint is that it was so short and he wanted it to go 'on and on'. Believes that it is one of Beaton's most important books. Praises the prose and the pictures of the book. Feels that the film medium does not show off Beaton's effects properly as it moves too fast. Is sorry that he did not get to see Beaton in New York. E and R are building another house which he is supervising. His social life is 'almost non-existent'. "They" were going to come , but have decided to go to Gstaad instead. Beaton need not fear their film taking any prizes. Congratulates Beaton in advance for his Oscars. Sends regards to Eileen and hopes that he and Beaton will see each other soon.

Additional Information