John Myers. Part of autograph letter to Beaton.

Scope and Content

First part missing. Argues that Beaton should not put Truman in the book as he is too notorious. Asks him not to mention this to Truman. When you want to sell a book you should keep the effect firmly in mind. Advises him to cut a moralistic passage. Is not sure about the book's introduction. Discusses Beaton's play. Feels the plot does not bring out the theme that lies behind it. Advises Beaton to continue with the play, and that the more he works at it the better it will be. Waldemeer has finished two brilliant short stories. Would be happy if it weren't for the "terrible problem" of how to get money for food". Asks Beaton for a "newsy" letter if he gets the time. New York is empty as everyone has gone to the country or to Europe. Finds their little garden "a blessing".

Administrative / Biographical History

Assistant Manager, Tibor Nagy Marionette Co., New York.


Assistant Manager, Tibor Nagy Marionette Co., New York.

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