Autograph letter to Beaton.

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Collected the parcels from Jack Wilson and Maud Russell and neither of them had trouble at customs. Therefore there was nothing to pay which was a nice surprise. The sale of the Ashcombe stuff is another nice surprise. Elizabeth is bringing her parcel along. Hopes Beaton heard the wedding broadcast on the radio and hopes "G.G." was with him. It was very moving and made her proud to be British. The weather was not too bad and Brigitte saw everything from Castle House Terrace. Tells Beaton not to worry about his mother. She was bad but is now getting better. Is very sorry about the Duchess of Kent's pictures. Has sent off the full batch of Anna Karenina pictures. Discusses Oggie's singing. Was offered the chance to stay for a week with Oggie but turned it down. Aunt Carla has worked magnificently in the Reddish gardens.

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