Autograph letter signed to Beaton, from Tangiers

Scope and Content

Was 'heartbroken' not to have seen Beaton in Paris. The trip through Spain was 'ghastly'. Likes Tangiers. Beaton's friend, Jessie Green, has rented her house to someone else. Hopes Beaton is still coming. They had a 'dazzling' adventure when 'suddenly eveyone on the train began to scream and threw themselves on the floor: bandits!' Realised that it wasn't bandits, just a group of Spaniards who had missed the train and were firing guns on it to make it stop. One old man got hit in the head. Beaton has probably seen George D. by now. Discusses George D. Describes the weather and countryside. Asks if Beaton knows a young writer called Angus Wilson. Thinks Wilson's new book, "The wrong set", is good. Asks if Beaton could send him a copy of "My Royal Past".

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