Typescript letter signed to Beaton.

Scope and Content

Beaton's letter has just reached him. It could not have been written by anyone else in the world "in its angelic sensibility and kindness". Has a hamper of Paul's objects from which he hopes he will be able to select something. It is sweet of Beaton to be nice about those letters. There is hardly anyone else to whom he could have handed them as "they belong to regions of intimacy into which others should not be asked to stray". Is behaving feebly about Paul. Wartime precludes one from writing every week for 3 years to an internee. He did begin but "when one can offer no ray of hope or promise of release such correspondence is a dead and futile thing". The day passes slowly when one is feeling a little ill. The Stark letters, when he came to read them, were the wrong ones. Longs to see Beaton.

Additional Information