Autograph letter signed to Beaton, from London

Scope and Content

After a second operation woke to find herself in a Dali-esque arrangement of tubes. Was also forced to swallow a 'mile or two' of stomach pump. Describes the 'joy of the morphine needle'. Thanks Beaton for his letters. She is on the mend now and hoping to go to the sea with her child on Saturday. Would like Beaton to visit, but they throw people out after ten minutes at the moment. The "Sunday Express" gave a 'disheartening little account' of the Eden honeymoon. Hopes Clarissa is happy. Has heard that Noel returns on Thursday. Aims to return to the 'frivolous life' on the opening night of "Quadrille". Hopes Beaton is finding being alone restful. If Beaton feels like sea air from next mid-week onwards, he would be welcome.

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