Autograph letter to Beaton.

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Received Beaton's letter yesterday. Beaton's mother arrived last week and has been ill, but is now very much better. Has arranged for electric fires to be set up at Reddish immediately. Beaton's mother has been very depressed as she feels things have gone wrong between her and Beaton. Renews her pledge to Beaton "to work with my heart and mind to my utmost capability for your interest and good". Sir Alex thinks that Beaton has lost all interest in the film job. Advises him not to "play ducks and drakes" with the present contract as he has to pay debts and maintain Reddish. Discusses the matter of the Windermere dollars and Beaton's finances in general. Martin has been in to show her further drawings of the sets. Hopes Beaton will be happy these next few weeks as he has been too unhappy these last months.

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