Charles Fry. Autograph letter signed to Beaton.

Scope and Content

Apologises for not having answered Beaton's letter sooner. Thinks things have turned out very well. Eleanor Lambert has looked after the columnists excellently. Lippincotts have reported excellent sales and hope to reorder soon. They seem to be making great efforts to sell the book. Private sources report that it is on everyone's table and that everyone is talking about it. Thinks that New Year would be a good time for Beaton to return. Apart from the Jews, the universal feeling seems to be that Beaton was given a 'bad break' and that it is time amends were made for it. Has talked over the projects they have in mind with Lippincotts and they are anxious to come in on all of them. Is coming to England in December so they can discuss all the points personally before Beaton sails.

Additional Information