Autograph letter signed to Beaton

Scope and Content

To her astonishment, received a letter from Beaton which was hopeful of departure for Christmas reunion. Will warn Caroline. Discusses Mary Erskine and her marriage. Expresses curiosity to know who the 'trying director' is that Beaton speaks of. Has been in Portugal. Daphne is 'pretty grotesque', but ten years younger than the rest of them. Discusses what they have been doing in Portugal. Describes the style of clothes worn by the Portuguese woman and children. The drink in Daphne's house is 'unstinted' and the food is 'total original excellence'. Is hoping to go to France tomorrow. Hopes to see John Julius when she returns home. Sees that Vivien (Leigh) has 'chucked her past' in "Tovarich". The 'poor thing is nutty as a fruit cake'.

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