Autograph letter signed to Beaton, from Rome

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Is sitting in bed with a cold sipping tea and rum. The cold is Mr. Subber's fault. Had a message from the telephone office saying that he had a call from New York. Had to wait on a freezing slab of stone for two hours. Saint was on the telephone and had 'nothing to say' but was like 'a manic-depressive in an up phase'. Wishes he could feel more confident in Saint as a producer. Asks Beaton's advice. Feels 'weary of being a pillar of strength'. Suggests Margaret Phillips for Beaton's play. Makes various other suggestions, including Audrey Hepburn. Thinks he is going to have a hard time finding the right girl for his own play. The Selznicks are not so bad and David has some 'quite admirable qualities'. Was interested in what Beaton wrote about Constance, as he is trying to write an article about her. Is glad that Beaton took Greta to see her, as a friendship with Constance would do Greta good. Is delighted that the lecture tour is doing well. It may become an annual event and the 'club ladys will await you like spring swallows'. Jack has written a beautiful short story. May see Beaton in April.

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