Autograph letter signed to Beaton, from Rome

Scope and Content

Beaton will be most intrigued by the 'Venetian "row"'. Does not understand why Peter chose to involve Victor Cunard in it. Cunard appeared in his bedroom at four o'clock in the morning 'looking like an old aunt in curl papers with his eyes starting out of his head'. Has been using homeopathic methods with the 'Mad boy' (Robert Vernon Heber Percy) and managed to get him to write poetry for a whole day. There has only been one 'terrific fracas'. The 'Mad boy' put on bright coloured clothes and asked him to go down to breakfast. Tyrwhitt-Wilson refused 'whereupon the creature flew into a rage and hit me over the head with a button-hook'. These events have made him feel years younger. Encloses a snapshot for Beaton.

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