Henry Rolf Gardiner. Autograph letter signed to Beaton, from Dorset.

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Has been reading Beaton's "The Years Between". The further he got, the more he liked and respected Beaton. Used to feel a certain 'spurning disdain for your sophisticated cult of haute societe' but always admired the devotion with which Beaton put his talents to work. Praises Beaton's writing and character. Since they left Cambridge they have aimed at different things, but there is always a bond between contemporaries, and as they grow older, they draw together and become less critical and more understanding. Extended praise of Beaton's writing. Reflects on the differences in their lives. Asks Beaton his opinion of Win Green and the fact that it has become a popular resort. Thinks a good landscape architect should devise a scheme for parking cars to keep the hill itself free of traffic and clutter. Would also like to know who has got the libretto of "The Road to Rottenburg". Discusses Edith and Lawrence Olivier. Beaton does not reveal what he feels they are here for or what his hopes are for the future of England.

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