Autograph letter signed to Beaton, from Barbados.

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Has received Beaton's letter on his return from Africa. Stayed in Tangier with Mark Gilvey in the "fascinating place" he has made. Has seen a lot of David and Patricia. Is glad he does not have to mix in the same narrow social circle as them. Visited Senegal and the small island of Gorée, the country's old French capital. He was very interested to see the 18th century French ruins. Mark bought one which resembles one of the small palaces in Venice. The people of Senegal were beautiful, with clothes of "fabulous colours" like turquoise, shocking pink and yellow. Describes the clothes of the people. Caught a chill after the return flight to New York. The Nigerian Ballet have been here. They are very different from the "fabulous" ballet from Guinea who were here a couple of years ago.

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