Roald Dahl. Typescript letter signed to Beaton, from Great Missenden.

Scope and Content

Arnold Weissberger has told Dahl about Beaton's stroke. Is writing to see if he and Pat can offer any help or advice. Stresses importance of doing most of the work of mental rehabilitation in the first six months or a year after the stroke. Recommends that someone helps Beaton set up the same sort of amateur rehabilitation arrangement as Dahl did for Pat. Describes what this involves. If Beaton is interested in this, he should use a book called "A stroke in the family", by Valerie Eaton Griffiths. If the person who is helping Beaton most would like to call Dahl, he would be happy to give them advice. Feels that professional speech therapy is good, but they can never give you enough hours a week. Thinks that amateurs do a better job.

Additional Information