Autograph letter signed to Beaton, from Sicily

Scope and Content

Has just returned from a tour of the island. Describes some of the places they visited. Hopes that Beaton had a good holiday in Paris. A friend who saw "The Second Mrs Tanqueray" praises the costumes and show. When Hausen left Sicily two weeks ago, a 'regular army' arrived, bringing Capote a radio, 50 books and 200 records, as Hausen had willed them to him. Reflects that this is odd, as he had hardly ever spoken to him. Orson Welles asked him to play a part in a film he was making. Capote declined. Is getting on with his book. Tells Beaton not to tell anyone about the bit he read. Asks about Beaton's photobiography. Sends Jack and Kelly's love.

Additional Information