Autograph letter signed to Beaton, from Morocco.

Scope and Content

Has left New York and "cut the umbilical cord". Is able to "wander for a few months of discovery and introspection". Is spending two weeks in Marrakesh until his rented flat in Rome becomes available. When he got on the plane in New York he felt that he was only leaving for a brief holiday. It is only now he realises how permanent his departure may be. He feels considerable relief which is tinged with uncertainty. Describes his "strange" surroundings in Marrakesh. It is "not unpleasant, but there is no reason to come here unless recovering from pneumonia or a broken heart". Has finished his book. Intends to go sightseeing while in Rome and write some articles, and possibly another book. Asks Beaton what job he thinks he should do. Inquires about his health. Asks for all Beaton's news.

Additional Information