Typescript letter signed to Beaton, from New York.

Scope and Content

Thought that Beaton was photographing all of Barbra Streisand's clothes the way he did Audrey's for "My Fair Lady". Asks Beaton if he could do only the clothes he has designed and only on Streisand, including perhaps a group if they can get together. Hopes this makes sense to Beaton. They are also anxious to give him something else. Phillipe Julian has written about the people who survived Oscar Wilde and they would like Beaton to be involved. Feels it is something he could work on beautifully. If he is interested please could he get together with him. Alex has asked that Beaton send them bills for whatever they owe him "so that we are on a really business basis". Beaton has "always been the most faithful and wonderful contributing editor". Is returning the twins as it is not feasible to use them at the moment. Asks Beaton to let her know about Streisand. Alex is writing separately about the financial question.

Additional Information