National Council for Civil Liberties

Scope and Content

Papers of the National Council for Civil Liberties (NCCL), 1962-1989, including material relating to the NCCL constitution and rules, 1965-1971 and 1979; Annual Reports, 1974-1980; papers of Annual General Meetings, 1962-1971 and 1978-1982; accounts, 1981-1982; minutes and papers of the Executive Committee, 1967-1982; NCCL reports, 1968-1982, mainly comprising reports by staff to the Executive Committee, and reports on human rights issues; NCCL bulletins and newsletters, 1961-1988, notably Civil liberty and Rights ; minutes and papers of the NCCL Gay Rights Committee, 1976-1987; minutes and papers of the Gay Community Liaison Group, 1983-1987; minutes of the NCCL Police Committee, 1982; minutes of the Gay Policing Project Support Group, 1983; general papers, 1962-1983, notably leaflets, press cuttings and newsletters of related civil liberties groups.


The collection is arranged in sections as follows: NCCL constitutional papers, Executive Committee papers, reports, newsletters, NCCL Gay Rights Committee papers, general papers.