Scope and Content

re dispute over property, a parcell of land in Newhall Place also Giles Place, Glympton; 6 acres in Mille Pese, 4 acres Feir Mile late Corneway, 8 acres from Magna Limite to Fair Mile, 3 acres from Westlonglond to Kiddington, 6 acres in Lodwell Way, 16 acres above Longe Heath to Barton Fields between land of church and parson of Glympton, 3 acres above Duns Mead between the lands of John Lidyard and John Langstone, 14 acres in Quarry Pese, 2 virgates in Longmede.

Dispute between John Lidyard and John Langstone.

Richard Harcourt and John Wav' impartial arbiters, decided lands to John Lidyard, Langstone to deliver seisin.

Dated Glympton 30 Hen VI.

Seal lost