Scope and Content

1) John Andwers, son of John A. of Ludwell.

2) Walter Huchons of Glympton.

2 shares of 3 cottages and 3 courtyards held by John Tragyn, Peter Russell and Juliana Boteyn in 1 street called Blouden; also 2 shares in 36 acres arable; 2 shares of 2 parcels meadow, one called Glaundresham, other lies in Dounesmead along the bank of the Agne in Glympton.

Dated Glympton 50 Edw III.


Witnesses: Thomas de St. John of Glympton, John Gygur of Ludwell, John Halwell of Glympton, John Powell of Wootton, William Braunfeld of Wootton.