Annual report of Ruhleben Horticultural Society, Germany, 1916/17

Scope and Content

Report referred to in RHS/Ruh/1/06 above. The report records the formation and first year’s work of the society, including the creation of a nursery with frames and greenhouse, the creation of the vegetable garden, staging of flower shows and provision of horticultural education. The report includes:

Financial report showing income and expenditure for the Flower Department and the Market Garden Department

Appendix 1: ‘Rules and standing orders of the Ruhleben Horticultural Society’

Appendix 2: ‘Ruhleben Horticultural Society, Plan shewing camp gardens’. The plan shows numbered barracks, school, YMCA hall, three grandstands, nursery, race track, vegetable garden, pond and playing field. Reproduced in purple and green ink. Size 44.4 (w) x 28.4 (h) cm

Appendix 3: ‘Ruhleben Horticultural Society, Plan of vegetable garden’. The plan shows part of the inner race track, part of the playing fields, the pond and numbered plots around the pond with named vegetables in each plot. Size 21.9 (w) x 28.4 (h) cm

Appendix 4: Lists of flowers, pot plants, fruit and vegetables exhibited at the show, 3-4 Aug 1917, comprising these titles: ‘The varieties of sweet peas on exhibition at the Ruhleben Horticultural Society’s flower show, 3rd and 4th August 1917, and grown by the Society’, ‘Pot plants on exhibition grown by the society’, ‘Cut flowers’, ‘Fruit’, ‘The vegetables staged for exhibition at the show’

Appendix 5: ‘Ruhleben Horticultural Society. The following is the list of competitions together with the results’

Appendix 6: ‘Ruhleben Horticultural Society. List of attendances at committee meetings’, listed by surname

Appendix 7: ‘List of vegetables grown on vegetable garden and the prices charged according to grade’