Letter from Thomas Howat, secretary of Ruhleben Horticultural Society, Germany, to the Royal Horticultural Society

Scope and Content

His committee has instructed him to inform the RHS that a horticultural society has been formed called the Ruhleben Horticultural Society; its aims are to cultivate and beautify the grounds around the barracks and thoroughfares in the Lager, and to further the knowledge of horticulture; they ask to become affiliated to the RHS; they are unable to remit the usual fee; gardening started immediately after their internment and has increased since then; this is their second summer and the shows of flowers and tasteful decorative schemes carried out have alleviated their lot; although the efforts of their barrack gardeners have been satisfactory they believe that as a society they will have greater scope and receive more support [through affiliation]; as their planned work is significant they would be grateful for gifts of bulbs and seeds