Letter from Frederick G. Lane, Honorary Secretary of Ruhleben Horticultural Society, Germany, to the Royal Horticultural Society

Scope and Content

He has received the RHS’s request for a paper entitled ‘The Ruhleben Horticultural Society’ to be read at an August meeting; he sends a report for 1916-1917 with an appendix giving an account of the society’s work; the report is the official record of the society’s beginning and first year; a copy of the annual report sent to the RHS appears not to have reached its destination; the posts of secretary and treasurer have been divided due to the increased activities of the society, and Mr Howat continues as treasurer; they are grateful for the speed with which their request for seeds has been dealt with, and Arthur Sutton’s gift has provided them with all the seeds they require in the vegetable garden this year; he is enclosing photographs of their Easter show and showing the greenhouses in the nursery; he thanks the RHS for their interest and activity on behalf of Ruhleben Horticultural Society