File: Labour Party Science Group

Scope and Content

Papers relating to Bowden's membership of the Labour Party's Science Group, which was made up of Labour politicians, and sympathetic academics and industry figures.

The Group was chaired by Richard Crossman, the Party's spokesman on education and science, and other members included, apart from Bowden, Austen Albu MP, Patrick Blackett, Jeremy Bray MP, Marcus Brimwell, Charles Carter, Tam Dalyell MP, Judith Hart MP, Professor K Wynne Jones, M. Posner, Lord Shackleton, John Maynard Smith,and Terrence Pitt (secretary). The Group played a very important role in raising the profile of science and technology issues in the lead up to Labour's general election victory in 1964, The Group established working parties for scientific manpower, government machinery for science, and civil research and development which investigated and made recommendations on a wide range of issues including: training and manpower planning, civil science research and development, science and technology education in universities, and the role of scientific specialists in industry and government. Bowden played an active role in the Group, which led to him being appointed as Minister of State for Education and Science in 1964 (Crossman in the event was not appointed as secretary of state for education and science, as had been expected.)

The file contains substantial information on the Group's activities and includes Bowden's correspondence with Crossman, and other members of the Group, detailing its activities, as well as with non-Group members such as John Adams, Nevil Mott, and Peter Jost.