Kew Guild and Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew: papers: papers

Scope and Content

Correspondence, mostly to Arthur Woodward as president, 1982-1987, including papers relating to a proposed weekend visit to North Wales for the Kew Guild, 1985

Papers relating to the Kew Guild, including Arthur Woodward’s speech notes, c.1980s, invoices for ‘regalia’, 1980s, leaflet relating to the Kew Guild Award Scheme, undated, introductory speech/article relating to Arthur Woodward as president, 1983

Minutes of the Kew Guild, 15 Jun 1982, 12 Sep 1982, 12 Oct 1982, 18 Jan 1983, 23 Mar 1983, 28 Jun 1983, 10 Jan 1984, 27 Mar 1984, 29 Jun 1984, 30 Oct 1984, 22 Jan 1985, 18 Mar 1985, and agenda, 1982-1986

Photographs including of Kew Guild Dinners, 1949-1995

Memorabilia including programmes and invitations to events, 1981-1993

Papers relating to Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, including plan of the gardens, 1934, guide to the temperate and arboretum nursery, 1985, articles relating to the tropical conservatory and nursery, 1983, and article relating to the Pagoda, 1983

List of names and addresses of Kew Guild committee, undated [1980s]

Included are the following items transferred from AWO/1/7:

Postcard from the Kew Guild Committee advising date of next meeting, Oct 1974

Colour photograph of 5 men and 1 woman, caption on reverse ‘Ex-presidential line-up! Imperial College’, May 1992