Course notes relating to aspects of horticulture, and publications

Scope and Content

Manuscript notes made at Wykeham and Mora Road Evening Institute, Aboyne Road, Neasden, relating to general horticulture, soils and cultivation, and manure, 1949

Many of these papers are FRAGILE and to be handled with care


*A pamphlet, 'School of Training in Park Administration' / by The Institute of Park Administration, 1947, was removed from this folder and transferred to Printed Collections in Nov 2014; a pamphlet, 'Roads Beautification' by L.E. Morgan, 1950, was removed from this folder and returned to the donor as a duplicate copy is held in AWO/1/8

'Poplar Planting' / by Forestry Commission Leaflet No. 27, 1954

'Oak Mildew' / by Forestry Commission Leaflet No. 38, 1956

'Planning Britain’s Land. A Summary of Town and Country Planning Act 1947'

'The Highway Beautiful' / by Automobile Association, c.1940s

'The Management of Semi-natural Woodland' / by Robert Savage, 1983