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1. Griffith Wynne of Tal y Treithyn, co. Merioneth, gent.

2. Dame Margaret Owen of Porkington, co. Salop, widow and relict of Sir. Robert Owen, late of Prokington, Kt., deceased; Richard Vaughan of Corsygedol, co. Merioneth, Esq.,; Hugh Nanney of Nanney, co. Merioneth, esq.; Richard Glynne of Elernion, co. Caernarvon, esq., and Robert Wynne of Nannay, gent.

3. Hugh Lewis of Pontnewyedd, co. Caernarfon, esq.

Lease for 99 years of messuages, tenements and lands called Llwyngriffry, Tythyn y felin, Tu Canol, Bodwilim, Y varch ynus, Gwastad Annes and Tythyn fynydd in the parishes of Llanddwywey [Llanddwywe], Llanaber, Llanfair and Llanenddwyn in the county of Merioneth, and the capital messuage, tenement and demesne lands called Llanfair in the parish of Iscaer, together with other lands in Llanvair Iscaer [Llanfair-is-gaer], Bottandreg [Botandreg] and Denorwicke [Dinorwig], co. Caernarfon, in trust for the payment of a debt of £600 due from the said Griffith Wynne to the said Hugh Lewis and for portioning the younger children of the said Griffith Wynne.

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