Articles of Agreement

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1. Evan Carreg of Carreg, co. Caernarfon, gent.

2. Griffith Carreg, eldest son and heir of the said Evan Carreg.

Articles of Agreement made in consideration of the said Griffith Carreg's having paid £500 to the creditors of the said Evan Carreg.

(i.) E.C. to effect a settlement of the capital messuage, tenement and demesne lands called Carreg Ucha to the following uses.

(a.) messuages and lands called Tyddyn tri hobet, Tyddyn Rhydlios, Tyddyn Brin eithin, Llidiarde, Tu newydd and Pen y Lleth in the townships and parishes of Bodverin [Bodferin], Uwchselah [Uwch Sely], Iselah [Is Sely], Aberdaron and Bodrith to the use of Griffith Carreg and his heirs for ever.

(b.) remainder of premises (subject to the jointure limited to Elizabeth Carreg) to the use of the said Griffith with remainder to any other sons of the said Evan and Elizabeth, with remainder to any daughters of the marriage.

(ii.) G.C. to pay the sum of £500 to the said Evan's creditors.

(iii.) Penporthor storehouse to be limited to the said Evan for his life and the said Evan to have a way to the said storehouse for all sorts of carriages and also to have a way from Carreg Ucha to the seashore or creek called Porthor over the fields belonging to Carreg Issa, and to have liberty to launch or keep one or more boats beyond high-water mark in or near the creek called Porthor, etc.

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