Clifford polar papers

Scope and Content

  • Ms 1507/1/29; Manuscript Antarctic Interlude, 1950 [Article on Antarctica possibly intended for publication in Maga] typescript and holograph
  • MS 1507/1/35; Paper submitted to the Secretary of State for the Colonies, (Oliver Lyttleton) 14 June 1952 [Proposed programme of work for the FIDS for 1953, including map of base in the FID 1952] 8 leaves, typescript
  • MS 1507/1/52; Broadcast about the John Biscoe's last voyage south, 6 leaves, typescript
  • MS 1507/1/53; Address delivered at Port Stanley (Falkland Islands), [19--] [Given prior to showing to Scott of the Antarctic] 3 leaves, typescript
  • MS 1507/1/54; Inventory of polar (Arctic and Antarctic) books held at Government House, August 1953
  • MS 1507/1/55; List showing derivation of place names ion the South Shetland Islands, typescript
  • MS 1507/1/56; Closing speech to Royal Geographical Society, [19--] [Regarding Duncan Carse's lecture of the South Georgia Survey] typescript
  • MS 1507/2/7; Proposals (2) for Trans-Antarctic Expedition, [1955-1958] [Dr Vivian Fuchs and Mr D Carse, weighing the merits of both] 5 leaves, typescript
  • MS 1507/2/57; Address to the Thirty Club, 24 January 1956 [Including speech cards] 3 leaves, manuscript
  • MS 1507/2/58; The political aspects of Antarctica to the Council for Education on world citizenship' 13 July 1956, 8 leaves, manuscript
  • MS 1507/2/60; Address to the Cerbe Abbas Discussion Club, 6 October 1970 [Title Polar exploration] manuscript
  • MS 1507/2/64; After dinner speech on the Commonwealth Trans-Antarctic Expedition
  • MS 1507/4/22; Draft letter to A N Halls, 29 December 1969 [regarding Herbert's refusal of the CBE]
  • MS 1507/4/26; Draft letter to Walter William Herbert, 5 March 1970 [Regarding request for finance]
  • MS 1507/4/29; After dinner speech, 1969 [Congratulating the five]
  • MS 1507/4/30; Guest list, [19--] [Cocktail party by Lord Cole and the Board of Unilever, including British Trans-Antarctic Expedition team, the Committee of Management and HM Services]

Administrative / Biographical History

The papers relate to articles written by Clifford regarding the polar regions and material connected with the Commonwealth Trans-Antarctic Expedition, 1955-1958 (leader Vivian Fuchs)