Assortment of correspondence from individuals

Scope and Content

Folder containing letters from a variety of individuals to Dolan. Letters as follows:

  • Handwritten letter from Clement Scott (theatre critic) in response to a letter Dolan had written to him to ask him 'how a provincial girl with no influence who desired to go on the stage should set about it.' (quote taken from A Chronicle of Small Beer, Ch.2). Dated December 1890, without envelope, signed Clement Scott.
  • Handwritten letter from Marion Terry (actress, sister of Ellen) asking Dolan to pay her a visit. Small metal ring with ribbon attached to paper. Dated 1896, with envelope, signed Marion Terry.
  • Handwritten letter from Henri Lavedan, written in Fench. Letter dated 1898, without envelope, signed Henri Lavedan (French playwright).
  • Handwritten letter from Courtice Pounds (tenor in the D'Oyly Carte Company)regarding Dolan's one-act play The Little Tin God. Dated April 1909, with envelope, signed Courtice Pounds.
  • Handwritten letter from Anne Douglas Sedgwick (British author) regarding Dolan franchising her novel Tante. Dated August 1913, with envelope, signed Anne Douglas Sedgwick.
  • Letter from Florence Alexander (wife of George) congratulating Dolan on her play. Undated, without envelope, signed Florence Alexander.

Personal Names