Nick Burton. Ten pieces of correspondence.

Scope and Content

1. Postcard to Adams. Updates him on 'outstanding' French hitchhiking progress. Manuscript. 18 March 1972.
2. Letter to Adams. Laments, at length, being ill. Typescript. 5 April [1972].
3. Letter to Adams. Asks if Adams is dying, remarks that he (Burton) is spending the vacation 'learning how much work it is possible for one averagely unhealthy Cambridge undergraduate not to do in a short space of time', and suggests that the current series of 'Monty Python's Flying Circus' seems to be building to a climax involving 'half an hour of the test card'. Typescript. 18 December 1972.
4. Letter to Adams. Manuscript. Discusses vacation exploits and job application tactics. 'One day in early August', [1972].
5. Letter to Adams. Discusses Adams's tractor accident and broken pelvis, and his (Burton's) love life. Typescript. 9 September [1973].
6. Postcard to Adams. Informs him that the luxury in Thailand 'would make you vomit'. Manuscript. 12 September 1973.
7. Letter to Adams. Discusses 'Gentlemen Prefer Blondes' and disillusionment with Cambridge, along with other matters. Typescript. Undated ('Saturday').
8. Letter to Adams. Asks if he is 'pining away, desperate in [his] unwantedness', and discusses recent tensions. Typescript. Undated ('Saturday, I think').
9. Postcard to Adams. Reports on the Greek islands. Manuscript. 1974.
10. Christmas card to Adams from 'all the Burtons'. Undated; circa December 1977.

Administrative / Biographical History

BA 1974. Adams's roommate at St John's alongside Johnnie Simpson, 1973-1974.


BA 1974. Adams's roommate at St John's alongside Johnnie Simpson, 1973-1974.

Additional Information