Renwick pedigrees: disease

Scope and Content

The material presented in this and the following two series of Pedigrees is the contents of Renwick's box files of data on family pedigrees. It forms the core of Renwick's research documented in this catalogue. The three series are distinct. The first, and largest, is organised by disease. The diseases are coded in an alphabetical sequence, beginning with AA (Congenital analgesia). The second sequence (UGC155/3/4/1/1-UGC155/3/4/4/10) is organised by chromosomal abnormality, and the codings begin F, J, U and V. The third sequence (UGC155/3/5/1/1-UGC155/3/5/2/7) is of non-disease pedigrees. Published pedigrees are coded by publication date, thus 69A is a paper published in Annals of Human Genetics in 1969. Unpublished non-disease pedigrees are at the end of this sequence, starting 9.

Within the boxfiles Renwick organised material in coded sequences within folders. These were annotated, often heavily, with information relating to the case and have therefore in many cases been retained. The folders may include pedigree charts and associated family information, offprints (often in the form of thermocopies or photocopies) frequently annotated by Renwick, notes (often thermocopies), covering letters from doctors, correspondence with colleagues, and associated medical data. Renwick gathered information on patients from all over the UK, the US and elsewhere. Giving any but the roughest estimate of date is difficult. The period in which the bulk of the folders were created by Renwick spans roughly the period from the mid 1950s to the early 1970s. However, dating individual folders is often impossible. The only material bearing any date is often thermo or photocopied offprints that were published well before the research, and Renwick would sometimes add related material for interest years after the file had ceased to be active, into the 1990s in a few cases. Therefore rough covering dates have been provided for entries where it was impossible to confirm a precise date from the material in the folder. Much of Renwick's data was derived from medical investigations of identified families and is therefore subject to restricted access.

Access Information

Most of the files in this section have restricted acess conditions due to the the sensitive and personal patient details they contain. Please contact the Duty Archivist to apply for permission to view this material. Contact details are as follows: Duty Archivist, Archive Services, University of Glasgow, 13 Thurso Street, Glasgow, G11 6PE.