NP, Nail-Patella Syndrome (Hereditary osteo-onycho-dystrophy/dysplasia)

Scope and Content

This was one of the earliest and most extensive studies. Renwick co-authored a number of articles on nail-patella syndrome, including Genetical linkage between the ABO and Nail-patella loci with Dr Sylvia Dorothy Lawler in Annals of Human Genetics, vol 19 (1955); Some genetical parameters of the Nail-Patella locus with Marion M. Izatt in Annals of Human Genetics, vol 28 (1965); Male and female recombination fractions for the nail-patella : ABO linkage in man with Dr Jane Schulze in Annals of Human Genetics, vol 28 (1965).


The material was filed by Renwick in a series of boxfiles and this arrangement has been followed. Within the boxfiles the bulk of the material was contained within titled folders and these original titles are included in the catalogue entries.