Contract between the town council of Glasgow and the moderators of the university by which the moderators, in consideration of the magistrates undertaking to rebuild the Black Friars' church, confirm the previous contract between the college and the council and also dispone to the burgh 50 ells of ground to be built on and other portions of ground and privileges, and further oblige themselves to pay the magistrates one sixth part of the expense of building and perfecting the galleries and seats of the said new church provided the said expense does not exceed 10 000 pounds Scots, and in case of exceeding that sum, to pay any eigth part of what the expense shall extend to more than 10 000 pounds; the magistrates are undertaking to finish the new church by Martinmas 1702 and to grant the college a piece of ground measuring 32 ells in length and 5 ells in width in the north-east corner of the new church yard for a burial place, and they ratify the right of college to the next most commodious seat in the church after that of the council, and the use of the church on the institution of masters and other occasions.

Scope and Content

The document is written on paper in a mixed hand combining secretary and italic elements. The first letter is ornamented. It bears the signatures of William Dunlop Principal, James Woodrow S.T.P., John Tran P.P., John Law P.P., Gers. Carmichael P.P., John Lowdoune P.P., Robert Sinclair M.P., and others, and of the witnesses Thomas Young, Claud Hamilton, David Holms, James McBryd, William Hamilton.

Custodial History

Blackhouse charters catalogue description: 'Contract betwixt the Magistrats of Glasgow and the Masters if the University wherein for the causes there specified the said Magistrats obleidge them and their successors in office to build and perfect the Blackfriars kirk Betwict and Martimass 1702 and that the Masters of the said University shall have the most Commodious place and seat in the said kirk next best after the Councill seat and the use of the said kirk of their publick occasions and also thrity two elns in length and five elns in breadth of the kirkyaird as there designed, containing severall other clauses, dated 6 May 1699'.


Munimenta Alme Universitatis Glasguensis, Records of the University of Glasgow from its Foundation till 1727, ed. by Cosmo Innes (Glasgow : the Maitland Club, 1856), I, p. 459-462 (entry no 291).